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Perfect Your Practice

Perfect Practice

Rethink how you practice. Stop practice burn-out!

Learn the secrets to transforming your practice time into time well-spent. This book will help you to figure out how to identify and overcome the obstacles in your way by showing you what to practice and how to structure your time so you see results faster.  For any level guitar player from beginner to advanced.

Become a Technique Master

53 Warm-ups to Revolutionize Your Guitar Playing

Improve your dexterity, finger strength, and timing! If you are new to the guitar, this step-by-step approach to warming-up will help you build the strength and coordination you need to play more accurately than ever before. If you’ve been playing for a while, you too can benefit from working on your technique because it helps keep your fingers in shape and ready to take on any new challenge!

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Master the Pentatonic Scale

97 Pentatonic Warm-ups to Take Your Playing to the Next Level

When learning other instruments, most students learn the major and minor scales first. However, the pentatonic is the scale  most guitar players start with, and for good reason: it’s like the guitar was built for it. Not to mention that a countless number of songs use it as the basis for riffs, licks, and solos. With Pentatonic Master, you will take your playing to the next level as you learn to easily master the pentatonic scale everywhere on the fretboard.

Master the Major Scale

Coming Soon

Major Scale Master

This third book in the Technique Master series is now in production. Look for it in the fall of 2020.

Upcoming Books in this Series

Technique Master, Vol 3 : Scale Master

Book 3 will have you warming up while you master the major and minor scales! You’ll practice one and two octave scales, box patterns that every guitar player should know, and three-notes-per-string patterns that help you to further navigate the fretboard as you warm-up. Look for it summer 2019.

Technique Master, Vol 4: Articulation Master

49 Finger Strengthening Warm-Ups. Being able to play fluidly is a skill that takes time to develop. You’ll be able to cut that time down significantly with Technique Master 4. Learn to perfect hammer-ons and pull-offs, playing them cleanly and more accurately than ever before. This one is a real finger workout!

Technique Master, Vol 5: Arpeggio Master

Learn Major, Minor, and Dominant 7th arpeggios as you warm-up!

Coming Soon

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Get Warmed Up

Want to know the secret to great guitar playing?

It all starts with strong technique and a good set of warm-ups. Find the secret to playing better and faster with Technique Master. The ebook is yours free when you sign up today.